Keep Your Customers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Keep Your Customers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

As an introvert who works from home, social distancing in light of the Coronavirus epidemic is a piece of cake. But as a small business owner, the negative impact this epidemic can have on your business is likely looming over your head and causing severe anxiety.

While these are definitely scary times, this is also an opportunity for you to utilize the time you are given to make a plan for your business and consider different pivots you may be able to make during this time to help keep your business afloat while clients and customers are staying in.

Your hands may be tied in regards to a lot concerning your business right now, but how you spend your time is totally up to you – so today I am sharing a few different tactics you may consider implementing immediately, or in the coming weeks, to help maintain relationships with clients and generate sales.

Promote Gift Cards

If you don’t already, make gift cards available for purchase online. While your clients may not be able to utilize them immediately, gift cards often have no expiration date, meaning they can be used for future goods/services once business resumes as normal.

Get Digital

This is a great option for those that offer educational services (dog trainers, nutritionists, etc). There are a couple of different options for digital streaming, the first being recording videos of lessons in advance and hosting them online. For a small fee, your members can “unlock” your video content to consume at their leisure. Another option is to take to social media and live stream a training session, host a Q+A, or share information about a subject you consider yourself an expert in. Not only will you keep clients engaged with your business, but you’ll give them something to do while they practice social distancing.

Sell Merchandise

Similarly to gift cards, if you have merchandise on hand, you may consider selling it to customers still utilizing your business or offering it for sale online. Shipping isn’t currently affected by CVOID-19, but be sure to keep that in mind when you consider whether or not you want to sell products online.

Plan an Event

I’ll say it again. The best thing we can do right now is utilize the time we are given. So plan for the future! It’s never too early to begin planning and preparing for the time when you get the green light to operate your business as normal, and with quarantines going into effect and business slowing, you have the time, take advantage of it! Start thinking about ways you can really give your business a boost once the dust starts to settle and things begin to resume as normal.

The key to all these tactics is being candid with your clientele about how participating and taking advantage of your offerings directly affects your business and your team during these difficult times. Make sure your messaging is clear when promoting any new tactics you begin to implement and answer any questions your clients may have in a timely manner and be as direct/open/honest as possible or as you feel comfortable.