Stuck in a Rut? Up Your WFH Game with These Tips.

We’ve been cooped up at home for awhile now, and lots of people are experiencing working from home for the first time. It can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s nice working in pjs, and there is no better coworker than your four legged family member. But on the other hand, it can be difficult to be a productive as you need to be when all the comforts of home are at your feet.

Personally, I think it’s also a lot easier to burn yourself out when you work from home because you are always around your work when your living space becomes your office. being productive while avoiding burn out can be a difficult balance to strike. That’s why today I am sharing some of my favorite tips to stay productive and maintain a positive work-life balance while we are all stuck working at home.

Get Up Earlier

I get it, we’re not all early birds. That’s fine, working from home offers more flexibility when it comes to waking up and you should absolutely take advantage of that. HOWEVER, you should do your best to wake up around the same time you typically would on a normal work day to keep your routine as close to “normal” as possible.

Stop sleeping in until 10 minutes before your first meeting, and get up early enough to put on real clothes (yoga pants count), eat a nutritious breakfast, and complete any important early morning tasks that you have. You’ll set your day up for success just by giving yourself this extra time in the morning.

Get Your Biggest Tasks Done First

Scheduling meetings (or your most important task for the day) in the morning means that not only will you be forced to get your butt out of bed for work, you’ll also be completing the most important item on your to do list right away. This should give you enough steam to continue working through the day successfully, but even if it doesn’t, it’s okay because your top priorities have already been completed.

Take Breaks

To break up my time and give my eyes a rest from staring at the computer screen, I take lots of little breaks throughout the day. Instead of locking myself away with my laptop and headphones, I will take advantage of every pocket of free time I get by making a healthy lunch, walking the dog, or checking in with the other people in my household. Taking breaks like this keep me from getting burnt out or bored by the monotony that working from home can sometimes cause.

Track Your Productivity

The key to successfully working from home is keeping track of the things you need to do. You likely have a planner or calendar, and to do list at your office when you work. You absolutely should have those things (and use them) when you work from home too.

I prefer having a calendar/agenda in addition to a digital CRM. I’m currently using Freedcamp, a free project management platform. It’s got some flaws, but if you need something to help track your tasks throughout the day for free, it’s a great option.

Turn off Notifications

Weird, right? Nope! I swear by turning off all my cellphone notifications at 8pm every night. A good night’s sleep is essential to conquering any work day, and that’s especially true when you work from home. By unplugging in the evening, I’m able to focus on being present where I’m at instead of thinking about work.

What are your favorite WFH productivity hacks?

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