The Social Media Trend You NEED to Take Advantage of

Share your opinions and educate your followers.

That’s it. That’s the trend. Sound too good to be true? Educating followers has been more challenging for brands than you might think! Internet trolls are lurking everywhere on social media these days, so it can be really tough for some brands to see value in opening themselves up to negative engagement by voicing an opinion others may not share.

The good news is that people following the pet industry on social are craving dialogue about potentially controversial subjects in hopes to find others (people and businesses alike) whose beliefs and opinions align with their own.

We’re deep into the #furbaby movement, and cultural changes have impacted the pet industry in a big way. Social media users that are active followers of the pet industry on social media are also active followers of the pet industry itself, and they pay attention to the rising trends the industry creates.

While they’re paying attention, they’re also initiating an important conversations among themselves, and business owners in the pet industry. If you’ve been on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen topics such as leash laws, raw feeding, and training tools (e-collars) floating around.

Here’s a fun fact: 44% of pet owning millennials see their pets as children. Those pet owners prioritize the well-being of their pets like never before, researching the best nutrition, healthcare, and accessories for their pets. Naturally, that research leads to conversations – especially on Instagram.

I’ve already mentioned a few current hot topics within the Pet IG community, but there are several others, and as a pet industry professional, I can guarantee you have expert knowledge in regards to at least one of them. Don’t shy away from sharing that knowledge!

Use what you know to educate your community on social media and start a conversation with your followers. You may be a R+ Trainer who strongly opposes corrective tools like prong collars or e-collars. Or maybe you’re a veterinarian that thinks people are spaying/neutering their pets too early – whoever you are and whatever you do in the pet industry, there is a topic you can discuss with your audience.

Don’t shy away from sharing your opinion just because people may disagree. The pet community on social media is largely looking for experts, just like you, to share your insight so that they can feel better about the decisions they make for their pets. You may get people who disagree, and that’s okay! Those people may not be your people, but for every one person who disagrees with your opinion, there are several others who respect your opinion – potentially converting into paying clients.

What hot topic in the pet industry would you address on your social media platforms?

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