How I Got My Client a Free Feature on a Large Social Account

This week one of my client’s reached a new milestone in their social media strategy – they were featured on an account with over 450,000 followers FOR FREE! This is a huge win for us, it’s something my client has been trying to do since before we began working together and we were able to accomplish her goal together in just TWO DAYS. Keep on reading to find out how we were able to accomplish her goal.

We had relevant, quality content.

Props to my client for keeping her goal in mind and jumping at the opportunity to take a great photo while out on a walk that we could use to post on our social media accounts. She sent me two photo options, and we chose the best one to share.

We paired the image with a quick, snappy caption that played on the holiday season to make our post relevant to our followers (and to the large account) and utilized relevant hashtags with both large and small followings to ensure our post was seen.

We shared the post with our audience.

By posting the photo we wanted to be featured during a time frame when our audience was most active. We also leveraged the tag feature to share our post with local accounts to help increase our organic reach and bump up our engagement.

We shared our post with the large account.

But not just on social media. While we did tag the account (and their sister account) in our photo, I also did just a bit of research to find out who managed the account. I tagged them in the photo as well, and emailed the photo to the customer service account. Because large accounts get so inundated with tagged content, most of which is usually irrelevant to their account, it’s easy for tags to get missed so multiple points of contact is crucial when it comes to guaranteeing that your post gets seen.

What were the results?

In the first 24 hours, our featured post got over 17,000 likes and a good amount of comments from individuals living in Grand Rapids – that is awesome for a national account like the one we were featured on. That combined with our own post’s performance has helped us increase awareness exponentially in just a matter of two days and no ad budget to speak of.

Now what?

Now that our post was successfully featured, it’s up to us to leverage that feature in a way that is beneficial for us. That means I’ll be hopping on that featured image and returning comments to everyone who commented on that post and lives locally. We’ll also come up with a brief MMP (mini marketing plan) to drive some of this new traffic to the website and monitor performance through Google Analytics.

Do you have a goal to be featured on a large account or to amp up your social presence in 2020? Click here to connect with me and explore some fun opportunities!

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