4 Common Misconceptions About Social Media

By now it’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool. But there are tons of myths floating around about how to best use social media as a part of your marketing mix. Below I outlined just a couple of common misconceptions about social media for you to consider as you develop your marketing strategy in 2020.

You should prioritize likes and engagement to track ROI.

No, no, and no. Likes and engagement (comments and shares) are considered vanity metrics. They seem impressive to your followers, but really, they don’t mean much unless your main social media goal is to create a space for open dialogue with your existing followers.

I’ve had many clients in the past put too much emphasis on getting likes and comments on their social posts, and ultimately most ended up unhappy because they realized those metrics don’t convert to sales.

Establish valuable and measurable KPI’s that can help drive your sales and encourage growth in your business (clicks to the website, e-mail signups, and profile visits are all considered measurable KPI’s that can have direct impact on sales).

Social media is free.

Social media platforms are tools that are free to create, but that doesn’t mean they are free. When you consider the time and resources it takes to keep your social media content relevant and new for your followers (not to mention a budget to run ads), you will definitely need to plan on investing at some point.

You need to be on every platform to make the most of social media.

Before you start trying to use Tik Tok for your business know this: you can do anything, but not everything. And you certainly can’t do everything well. Fortunately, to reach your target audience you don’t need to. Your social media marketing strategy will be infinitely more effective when you focus your attention and energy on the platforms your target market lives on.

Social media is too time consuming.

If you fail to plan, social media can be VERY time consuming. But when you have a marketing strategy in place, utilize a content calendar, and set aside a few minutes throughout the day to engage with your followers, managing your social media content can be accomplished without much struggle.

That being said, managing social media is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t enjoy spending a lot of time on social media, it may be worth your while to invest in contracting a professional to help manage your social media channels.

Ultimately the main thing to remember when utilizing social media is that it’s a tool meant to serve you and your business. Put it to work in a way that best suites your needs to make it an effective part of your marketing strategy.

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