Case Study: Boosting Engagement on Social

If you own a small business, the likelihood that you’re familiar with Small Business Saturday already is pretty high. On the Saturday following Black Friday, individuals are encouraged to support small, locally owned business in their area by shopping in their stores.

While sales are by and large the most popular way to take advantage of Small Business Saturday, when you offer a service rather than physical products, it can be tricky to find ways to take advantage of the widely publicized holiday.

This year, I worked with a local business to create a campaign for Small Business Saturday that would promote the brand as a whole rather than a sale or product. Keep reading to learn what I did, and what the results were!

The Campaign

The plan of attack for this Small Business Saturday campaign was relatively straightforward. By running a Like, Comment, Share contest on both Facebook and Instagram we could instantly reach new prospective clients with every single person who opted to share our content and comment on it. By running the campaign for a short period (two days), we anticipated creating a strong sense of urgency for our followers, encouraging them to take immediate action. We continued the elevating the overall campaign strategy when we chose the prize package – branded gear for people and their dogs.

The prize package ensured that even after the campaign was over, we would be reaching new people whenever our winners wore their gear out in public.

What Were The Campaign Goals?

The goals of this campaign were clear and simple: Effectively give a boost to our organic reach and engagement on the business’s Facebook and Instagram pages. There was no hard number or percentage in mind, we were simply trying to give ourselves a boost on social during a typically slow period of engagement. We chose to focus on reach and engagement for the sole purpose of increasing the likelihood we’d be discovered by new audiences – aka friends of people who followed our accounts.

The Results

Not only did this campaign exceed client expectations in the first few hours of publishing, within 24 hours it became the post with the 2nd highest amount of overall reach and total engagement for all of 2019 on Instagram, and the fifth most popular post this year that converted to website clicks (only outranked by blog posts that were shared throughout Q2 and Q3) on Instagram!

On Facebook, we also saw great success, reaching 1,193 people organically and maintaining our overall engagement rate of 8% (the average engagement rate across all industries is only 3.91% as reported by Sprout). We had less comments on Facebook than we did on Instagram, BUT we had more shares, ultimately increasing our reach and increasing awareness among potential clients.

From an analytic stand point, this campaign could not have gone any better given the time parameter of a one day holiday like Small Business Saturday. More importantly, the client was thrilled with the results!

Do you want to amplify your organic reach and overall engagement on social media in 2020? Shoot me an email today and let’s discuss social media management for your business!

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