Instagram Hacks to Master Before 2020

With a broad user base, maintaining your presence on Instagram is essential to connecting with your target audience. If you are planning to elevate your business on Instagram next year, keep reading and learn some of the easiest (and most powerful) things you should be doing on Instagram to get ahead of your competition and reach new customers.

Content is still King

This phrase is over used for a reason – because it’s true! In order to grow your Instagram followers and build a quality audience (meaning real people and potential customers) you MUST give them a reason to follow you. Yes, your pictures are going to be the first thing they see, and they may like the picture, but will it make them comment or send you a message? Probably not.

When people choose to engage with an account on social media, it’s usually because of the compelling copy the accompanies the photo. Drive your engagement and build your following by giving your audience a way to connect with your business on a deeper level simply by asking a question. I like to do this in the first sentence of a post so that they can see the question immediately without tapping to read the entire post.

Use Hashtags

They’re there for a reason, I promise. Using thoughtful and relevant hashtags is a great way to reach new audiences to build your following. The problem with hashtags is that most people choose to use the ones that have massive followings, making it impossible that your content will appear in that hashtag feed.

Do your research when choosing hashtags, and mix it up. 75-80% of the hashtags you use should have a small to medium following to ensure that your content is reaching people.

(Want to learn more about utilizing a hashtag strategy? Click here!)

Utilize Stories

Instagram stories are an incredible tool that are often under utilized by small businesses. Stories can not only reach new people on their own (500 million people watch IG Stories per day), but they can also increase your post reach.

Use Instagram Stories to share information about upcoming events, sales, and behind the scenes info that will ultimately connect you with your audience and give them a reason to check out your feed or website to learn more about the products or services you provide.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

There is no way around this one. Practically speaking, the goal of these social apps is to get you to spend as much time as possible on their platform. And they know that your goal is likely more followers. This means that in order for you to get more followers, you must spend more time on the app. Dedicate time every day to reaching out to new accounts via comments, direct messages, and stories to help expand your reach organically and grow your following.

When considering the role Instagram will play in your social media marketing strategy, take these tips to heart and be sure that you have the time and resources to commit to building your audience with qualified accounts and potential clients.

Were these quick tips helpful? Dive deeper into growing your Instagram following and master your social media strategy today!

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